The Detox Flush Transform Program is a doctor-directed detoxification and health transformation program designed by Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND to safely and effectively detoxify your system, flush a decade's worth of toxins from your system, reboot your health and get you on the path to lifelong wellness.

The Program

  • Lose Excess Weight & Learn How to Keep it Off

  • Increase Energy Levels

  • Improve Sleep

  • Decrease Inflammation & Pain

  • Stop Bloating & Gut Symptoms

  • Cleanse & Renew Your Skin

  • Break Your Addictions to Sugar, Alcohol, Coffee & More!

  • Address Gallstones

  • Flush Out a Decade's Worth of Toxins!

  • Address & Prevent Chronic Illness/Cancer

Program Benefits

Flushing The Detox Funnel

The "Detox Funnel" is a metaphor for the liver/gallbladder and detoxification pathways.


The "size" of the funnel is determined by genetics and stress. Epigenetics, or what we do in our lives to affect our genetic expression, may cause increased exposure to toxins, therefore causing the funnel to get full. When it is full, the toxins cannot move through and instead they recirculate through the system, causing burden. This burden triggers an alarm system, which manifests as bodily symptoms. If this continues over time, diseases and tissue/organ damage can occur, which can eventually lead to cancer and even death.

In Phase 1 of the DFT Program, you will learn how to identify and eliminate the stressors clogging your funnel. In Phase 2, you will learn how to flush out a decade's worth of toxins. Once this is accomplished and symptoms subside, Dr. Fong will then teach you how to maintain a clean funnel to prevent disease and optimize health for the long term. 

After years of treating patients of all ages and ailments, I have found

that 80% of what I say and do with patients is the same - teach them how to build a strong health foundation and then DETOX, DETOX, and more DETOX. 


This is because the root cause of chronic illness typically comes down to one thing - high toxic burden. Although one-on-one care is beneficial, education will empower you to take control of your own health by learning how to change the epigenetic factors causing burden on your system and therefore, alleviating the symptoms of your disease. By completing this steps in this program, many patients can experience 50-100% relief from their complaints. If you are suffering from more severe dysfunction or multiple layers of disease, then you may also need individual care with me so that I can uncover any hidden toxicities in the system that need more specific attention. 

I look forward to supporting you in your journey to optimal health!

Dedicated to you,

Diane Angela Fong, ND

Why I Created This Program



Not Your Average Program. The DFT Program is not your average Juice Cleanse or boxed Detox program you can buy in the store or online. Dr. Fong has designed this program after years of clinical research with her patients. She has developed a bulletproof recipe to safely clear out a decade's worth of toxins and reboot your entire system. With her guidance, you will safely and effectively achieve your health goals.


Two Phases. The Detox Flush Transform is a two phase program that begins with a four week introductory Detox program lead by Dr. Fong, which includes all the tools you need to jumpstart your health transformation. Once you have completed Phase I and Dr. Fong has approved you to move onto Phase 2, the two week Flush Program will flush out a decade's worth of toxins and biliary/gallbladder congestion!​​​​​​​ The program typically takes 6 weeks to complete, but can take longer, if you are experiencing severe symptoms. 


Ensure Safety & Efficacy. Dr. Fong will help you to assess your health state and ensure that you are detoxing and flushing safely and effectively.

Daily Support & Guidance. You will receive a DFT Workbook that includes all the information you need and a daily journal that will walk you through the whole program. Dr. Fong will also send you daily reminders and encouragement to make sure you stay on track, and she is available to support you during the live webinars for general DFT Program questions. Please note: Specific medical questions must be addressed in an individual medical visit.


The DFT program includes all the information you will need for your transformation, including the DFT video modules, workbook, access to the live webinars with Dr. Fong, and discounts on visits and detox treatments.



Cost: $395


The supplements for the Detox Flush TRANSFORM Program are available for purchase separately. You can purchase them after you register for the DFT program. If you are taking any medications, you may want to consult with your physician or make an individual appointment with Dr. Fong before purchasing the supplements to ensure that there are no contraindications with you taking them.



The Truly Transform Box (supplements only)





Phase 1 - Detox

  1. Register & Receive Access to Video Modules. Once registered, you will receive two months access to the video modules and the DFT Workbook.

  2. Watch the Part 1 & 2 Video Modules. 

  3. Attend a Phase 1 Jumpstart Webinar. This will kick off your month-long detox. Dr. Fong will answer questions about Phase 1.

  4. Begin Phase 1! Once you complete Phase 1 Jumpstart, you are ready to begin! You will receive daily emails from Dr. Fong to support you through the entire program. 

  5. Schedule an Individual Visit with Dr. Fong (if needed). If you have specific medical concerns or severe toxicity, or you take medications, you may want to supplement the program with an individual assessment from Dr. Fong (in person or over the phone) or additional detox treatments. 

  6. Attend the Phase 1 Evaluation Webinar. At the end of the month-long detox, you will attend the Phase 1 Evaluation Webinar, where Dr. Fong will answer questions to help you to determine if you are ready to move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2 - Flush

  1. Watch the Phase 2 Video Modules. After Dr. Fong approves you to move on to Phase 2, you will watch the Phase 2 Video Modules.

  2. Schedule Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments. You will need to schedule one or two colon hydrotherapy treatments to complete your Flush, either at NSM or at your local wellness center. These are not included in the program and must be purchased separately.

  3. Begin Phase 2! You will begin Phase 2 and continue for two weeks.

  4. Attend Phase 2 Evaluation Webinar. After you complete Phase 2, you will attend the Phase 2 Evaluation. Dr. Fong will assess you and let you know if you need to continue monthly flushes, or if you are ready to go on a maintenance program.

Live webinars with Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND are offered every two weeks, alternating on a Saturday and Sunday every two weeks. Once you have registered for the Detox Flush TRANSFORM program, you will have access to the live webinars for two months and you can register for the appropriate webinar during your program. In these live webinars, Dr. Fong will go over the key points you need to know and you will be able to ask Dr. Fong questions about the program to make sure that you are progressing safely and effectively.


Offered every two weeks, the time of the live webinars are the following:

  1. Phase 1 Jumpstart: 10-10:55 am PST

  2. Phase 1 Evaluation: 11-11:55 am PST

  3. Phase 2 Evaluation: 12-12:55 pm PST

Upcoming Dates:

  1. Saturday, August 10

  2. Sunday, August 25

  3. Saturday, Sept 14

  4. Sunday, Sept 29


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"I was diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease with elevated liver enzymes that crept up to 10 times normal levels which was very concerning....Right after my first liver/gallbladder flush, my liver enzymes were back to normal clinical range. Since then I did 6 more flushes since I felt so much better after each flush. It was like I had a new lease of life every time. Today I’m physically stronger, mentally more engaged and alert, and my fatty liver is history thanks to Dr. Fong and NaturalStart Medicine."



"...all I can say is it was like hitting a reset button.  Definitely also felt light, clean, energized. My sugar and alcohol cravings were significantly reduced. I don't remember how many pounds I lost with the actual cleanse, but because my food (particularly sweet) cravings weren't out of control and extended into the year, I lost a total of 10 pounds through 2018....without it being difficult or even trying! Thank you, Dr. Fong."


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