​The Anti-Aging Detox is a one month program designed for patients interested in cleaning up a decades' worth of toxins and replenishing with anti-aging nutrients. 


The program includes the following:

  1. A 15 MINUTE COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION: You will meet with Dr. Fong or Dr. Carrie to determine if the basic detox program is right for you. 

  2. LABS: You will get labs drawn to ensure optimal kidney and liver function and adequate G6PD levels for your Youthful Glow IV, before beginning your detox program.

  3. DOCTOR CLEARANCE & PHYSICAL EXAM: In a 45 minute visit, the doctor will go over your labs, perform a physical exam, clear you for the detox program, and explain the 30 day procedure. Please note: Some people are too sick or congested initially to safely undergo the complete detoxification program. It is important that a doctor clear you for the liver/gallbladder flush before you proceed. If you are not ready to complete the flush, the doctor will prescribe a treatment plan to prepare you for the flush so that you can safely undergo the detoxification process. 

  4. 30 DAY DETOX DIET:  The detox diet eliminates high toxin and inflammatory foods and provides an option for a juice or broth fast. 

  5. LIVER/GALLBLADDER FLUSH: You will take supplements to soften gallstones and open your bile ducts. Then you will get 2 colon hydrotherapy treatments and take a drink that will allow you to flush the gallstones out of your system. 

  6. SUPPORTIVE DETOX SUPPLEMENTS: You will take supportive detox supplements to increase detoxification and excretion of toxins. 

  7. YOUTHFUL GLOW IV: Feed your hair, skin, and nails and detoxify your system to get that youthful glow! This IV contains high dose Vitamin C, methylated B Vitamins and B12, and glutathione, which support collagen and cell growth, energy, and hydration. 

  8. TWO IONIC FOOT CLEANSES: You will get two ionic foot cleanses to increase detoxification of chemicals and heavy metals. 

  9. FOLLOW-UP VISIT: To review follow-up labs, if necessary, discuss progress, and assess next steps.

COST: $1070 


Savings of $100.80 from purchasing each treatment, supplement & visit separately. Does not include possible lab fees incurred if the patient does not have insurance or a PPO plan that covers the labs. If the patient has recent labs (within the last 12 months), Dr. Carrie can look over these labs instead of drawing a new set of labs. 

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