Detox 101

Video Module


The Detox 101 Video Module where Dr. Fong will teach you everything you need to know about detoxification! 

In this modules, Dr. Fong will cover:

What is the Detox Funnel and How it Gets Clogged: Understanding how genetics determines your ability to detox and how epigenetics (what you do in your life) can cause increased toxic burden.


Why High Toxic Burden is the Root Cause of Disease


The Main Toxin Culprits: Heavy Metals, Root Canals, Dental Cavitations, Amalgams, Food Allergens/Intolerances, EMF, Environmental Toxins, Diet, GMO, Roundup, Sugar, Gluten, Stress, Mold and other Pathogens, Household products, and more.


What is "Survival Mode" and why you need to get out of it.


Purchase Detox 101 Video Modules

The Detox 101 Video Module is part of the larger program, Detox Flush Transform. If you want to learn everything there is to know about detox, but you are not interested in doing a whole detox program right now, you can sign up for the workshop only. You will receive the 6 week DFT Workbook that goes along with the program so that you can complete the program at your own pace. 

Detox 101 Video Modules

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