NaturalStart - Adults
For Chronic and Recurrent Health Issues
4 Month Program, Visits every 1-4 weeks


Dr. Fong's goal for her patients is complete health. The NaturalStart Program is designed for those suffering from chronic or recurrent disease, especially those with gastrointestinal complaints, mental health disorders, endocrine-related issues, infertility, and chronic skin disease.


In this program, Dr. Fong takes the time to get to know her patients and understand the nature of their disease. After a thorough investigation consisting of a lengthy interview, physical exam, functional, specialty testing, and bloodwork, Dr. Fong prescribes an individualized treatment plan to remove the "obstacles to cure", restore balance, and optimize health. Read more about The NaturalStart Method.




Graduating to NaturalLife


At the end of the three month treatment period, Dr. Fong does a medical re-evaluation. If everything is going well, the patient graduates to the NaturalLife Program. The amount of progress depends on the severity of the disease at the time of the first visit. For severe cases, the NaturalStart Program may be repeated several times before the patient can graduate to the maintenance program. 


What to Expect


It takes at least three months to see a shift in a patient's health. In the first month of the NaturalStart program, Dr. Fong will do a thorough investigation consisting of three in-depth visits. She then prescribes an individualized plan for you to follow for the next three months. Follow-up visits are typically 2 - 4 weeks apart so that Dr. Fong can modify the plan as needed and ensure that progress is being made along the way. 



An Integral Part of

Your Healthcare Team


Dr. Fong can support and/or lead your medical care as you choose. When necessary, she works in collaboration with primary care physicians and other medical specialists. What you will find is that the care that Dr. Fong provides is unlike any doctor you have visited before. She will take the time to provide the education needed to help you understand the nature of your diagnosis and reasoning behind the suggested naturopathic and/or conventional treatments.