"Cancer has become the maladie of our time. It is increasing in incidence and the future projections are concerning; preventative care for the undiagnosed, and Naturopathic oncological care for the diagnosed are of utmost importance for longevity and quality of life" - Christian Gonzalez N.D.



Dr. Gonzalez comes to our clinic upon completion of his residency at the renowned Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Working in an integrative medical setting, Dr. Gonzalez gained his expertise in evidence-based Naturopathic modalities to every type of cancer. Working with over 700 patients he has supported them in symptom management, improvement in quality of life, and long term survival. 





Oncological Care
Naturopathic care for oncology patients:


For patients with a cancer diagnosis, Dr. Gonzalez will assess the factors involved in cancer development, the patient's current state of health, and the factors involved in long-term survival.


He will then provide his expertise in tailoring an individualized protocol to support the body's healing process and counterbalance the side effects of conventional therapies.

For proper safety and effectiveness of integrative modalities, Dr. Gonzalez will recommend supplementation that is of the highest quality and effectiveness while ensuring that there is no interaction with current conventional treatments.


Because conventional cancer therapies are so toxic to the body, many patients experience a spectrum of side effects. Dr. Gonzalez will provide support to these patients to promote optimal health while receiving these treatments. Additionally, he can make recommendations in preparation for surgeries in order to encourage proper tissue healing and favorable recovery.





Important factors 

Diet and lifestyle

It has been clearly shown that diet plays an integral role in prevention as well as healing from cancer. Many individuals are in the dark about which foods can play a pivotal role in their healing. Dr. Gonzalez will provide a tailored diet to best fit the patients needs and overall long term health. He will work with the patients' limits and preferences to ensure best results. 


Various lifestyle choices and environmental influences have been intimately tied with cancer development and progression. Dr. Gonzalez will help educate patients so that they can make the necessary adjustments to avoid agents which are not contributing to their health. 



Comprehensive care


It is estimated that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer by 2050. For those with a family history of cancer, genetics is only responsible for 5-10% of cancers. Thus, it is imperative to understand what true health entails. Dr. Gonzalez will lay out a foundation to facilitate optimal health. This can include various Naturopathic modalities, dietary and lifestyle implementations. It is in our best interest to control these factors to ensure that we do not fall into those statistics. Genetic predispositions, past history of cancer or just overall prevention... Dr. Gonzalez is prepared to give you elite quality care. 

Naturopathic testing for cancer 


Aside from conventional blood work, we offer testing which can paint a more compete picture about the patient's current state of health.


We will test for:


- Vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as heavy metal and toxic burdens.


- Oxidative stress levels in the body 


- Immune function and effectiveness


- Food allergy and intolerance


- Genetic testing 


- Functional organ testing 


- Other tests indicated 





Naturopathic treatments for oncology patients:

Our treatment goals include: immune system balance, side effect management, improved success of conventional therapies, promotion of quality of life, post-therapy recovery, disease free survival and longevity.


Typical treatment plans include evidence based modalties such as:


- Botanicals and nutrients 

- Vitamin and minerals

- Homeopathics 

- Nutrition

- IV therapy

-Detoxification programs

-Lifestyle improvements 

- Mind body support 



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