Toxicology involves the study of the adverse effects of harmful

substances and the practice of diagnosing and treating 

exposures to these toxins and toxicants. Harmful substances include heavy metals, chemicals, and biotoxins released by pathogenic microbes.


Toxin overload leads to overburden of the detoxification pathways and congestion of the organs of detoxification (liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lymphatic system). This, in turn, affects every other organ system and biochemical pathway, including those involving endocrine hormones and neurotransmitter function. Toxin overload is the leading cause of every chronic illness. 

Our goal is to identify the toxins and/or toxicants with specialized testing, optimize the organs of elimination and drainage, supplement with the essential nutrients for detoxification, and then eliminate the identified toxins and or/toxicants to restore optimal overall function. 



Toxicology Diseases We Treat

  • Heavy Metal toxicity is prevalent and under diagnosed in today's world. High mercury levels can arise from having mercury amalgam dental fillings and consuming an high amount of fish. Lead, aluminum, and cadmium are other common heavy metals found in high levels in patients with chronic illness. 

  • Chemicals such as BPA from plastic, glyphosate from roundup, pesticides, BT Toxin from corn, medications, perfumes, and chemicals in cleaning supplies are common examples of chemicals found to cause problems in patients with chronic illness .

  • Mold, fungus, parasite, and bacteria overgrowth or infection causes increased biotoxins in the system, because these biotoxins are released by these microbes. Biotoxins act as toxins in the system and can lead to toxic overload and chronic illness.

Toxicology Treatment

  • Dr. Fong will first assess if you are high risk for heavy metal toxicity at your first visit, then she will order the appropriate labs to measure your heavy metal levels. If she uncovers heavy metal toxicity, she will then utilize prescription, supplement, homeopathic, and herbal chelation medications combined with IV nutritional therapy and other detoxification treatments to optimize detoxification pathways, bind to heavy metals, pull them out of the system, and then restore optimal function.

  • Supplements, herbs and homeopathy can address the root cause of toxin overload and also act medicinally to alleviate the symptoms and protect the body from further damage, while the root cause of the symptoms are also being addressed. After evaluating you with an extensive intake, physical exam, and laboratory testing, Dr. Fong will prescribe a customized treatment plan. The eventual goal is true overall system balance, where you will not need any support, conventional or naturopathic, because the "root cause" of the imbalance has been addressed.

  • Detoxification of biotoxins requires antimicrobial treatment, as well as detoxification. Detoxification of chemicals requires drainage of the system of detoxification. We offer individualized detoxification programs to address your specific toxic burden.

  • Dr. Fong describes  the liver/gallbladder like a funnel in your system, which toxins and toxicants, fat, and hormones need to travel through in order to get removed from the body. Over decades of abuse, this funnel gets full and the detox pathways get congested. A liver/gallbladder flush can clear this funnel, decrease the toxic burden drastically, and allow the body to self-heal.

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